The CNNIC-ISC Join Lab on Internet Technologies(CILAB)is co-founded by the China Internet Network Information Centre(CNNIC)and the Internet Systems Consortium(ISC) on February 8,2010. Utilizing advantages of both sides. CILAB is dedicated to advanced technology and infrastucture of Internet industry.The current focus of CILAB is on DNS technologies, researches and applications. The mission o CILAB is to make significant contributions to the international internet community by means of software development,standard & policy making and expertise training, technical innovation.
Xiaodong Lee [CNNIC]
Dr. Xiaodong Lee si the Vice President and Chief Technology Office of the China Internet Network Information Centre(CNNIC) and is the official technical contact of ".CN". Dr. Lee has more than 10 years' experience on the internationalized internet. After receiving his PhD on computer architecture from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he joined CNNIC to be a group leader for the R&D team on Chinese Domain Names(CDN). The CDN system has been one of the leading IDN systems in the world. Dr. Lee is also active in the IETF and contributed to RFC3743 and was the co-author RFC4713. He is now the constructor of the IANA ".CN" Chinese character variant table and is the Co-chiar of the IETF EAI working group. D
Paul Vixie [ISC]
Paul Vixie was the final author of BIND 4 and the main author of BIND 8, and is the founder and chief executive of Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) which is the home of BIND 9 and the breeding ground for BIND 10. Vixie was also the founder and chief executive of PAIC, the world's first neutral commercial internet exchange and of MAPS, the world;s first anti-spam company.
Area Directors
1)Product Development: Shane Kerr(, Jin Jian(
2)System Operations: Jim Martin(, Zhang Yuedong(
3)Research: Joao Damas(, Sean Shen(
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